Ol-Eburru Sauna is a natural underground geothermal hot steam with respiratory and skin bath healing qualities. It is located in a historic hot volcanic Eburru hilltop, just 5 km off from the famous Great Rift Valley Lodge-Naivasha. This hot geothermal steam flows through the Eburru hills basin floors at over 125 degrees which creates a natural mineral geothermal steam element for our breathing and skin bath.

The vapor cools as it comes into contact with fresh air found in an ecosystem of the amazing tree canopy of Eburu forest with its own biodiversity elements.The Sauna is constantly attuned to calming birds singing in the midst of a serene quiet environment. This is no doubt a unique retreat atmosphere for you and your family as it takes care of one’s whole well-being through the soothing stillness of Eburru hills/forest and hot steams that do have unlimited healthy impact on a person.

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Cottage Residents

  • Adults  – Ksh 1,000 For  2 Hours
  • Children – Ksh 500 For  2 Hours
  • Extra Hour – Ksh 500 Per Hour

Non Residents

  • Adults  – Ksh 2,000 For  2 Hours
  • Children – Ksh 1,000 For  2 Hours
  • Extra Hour – Ksh 1,000 Per Hour

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