Ol Eburru Cottages is committed to undertake reforestation of Eburru Forest, which involves collaborating with local community to replant, restore and protect the wetland ecosystem.  Creating value on our environment and the people in our communities remains a key priority for Ol Eburru Cottage. The restoration initiative will contribute to the rehabilitation of the forests while supporting lives and livelihoods that depend on this vital ecosystem.

Ol Eburru cottage is part of the Community Forest Association (CFA) and has been allocated a section within Eburru forest to plant trees. The Cottage has set up tree nurseries to boost the reforestation initiative and will allow guests who book at the cottage to be involved in the tree planting exercise whenever they visit the facility.

Ol Eburru Cottage is targeting to restore 1,265 hectares by 2027 of indigenous trees on Eburru Forest. Ol Eburru Cottage will grow and maintain the trees for three years after which the trees will become self-sustaining. Our location at the gate of the forest also ensures that any illegal activities in the forest would be identified and reported to KFS offices next door.

On the social side, we are providing employment opportunities to the local communities and providing market for their farm produce. Additionally, we’re supporting non-forest timber products like beekeeping at the edge of the forest to create employment and incomes for local communities.

On going preparation for the Ol Eburru Tree Nursery with a capacity of over 1M seddlings.

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